The trickery of sourcing items

Shpock was something I’d only been aware of through the catchy/annoying advert on TV. It’s a boot sale app that can be used to buy or sell stuff to people who live near you. I’d never dabbled in Ebay or anything like that before so was dubious I’d find anything decent. However I set up alerts on the app for white dining room tables and over the course of a week quite a few popped up around my area. I fell in love with one light grey table with two small stools and one long bench. I loved it but so did everyone else so a bidding war started that I decided I didn’t fancy being a part of because I soon realised it wouldn’t fit in the car anyway. So even though my love for benches instead of dining chairs had developed, in the end I wasn’t lucky enough to find a matching set for under £100 which was all I was willing to spend (having never bought a table or chairs before, I didn’t realise how expensive these things were?!). Eventually I had an alert about a large Eames style white dining table which was exactly what I was looking for originally. So after some difficult communications with the seller over the app we arranged a time for me to collect the table for £30! I couldn’t believe it. They’re about £300 online for the size it was and the seller was asking for £60 originally but they typically expect to negotiate and so we agreed on £30.

The table has been my favourite find because I was proud about how discounted it was but mainly because it goes so neatly in the corner of the lounge and is the exact style I was hoping to find. So I apologise and take back everything negative thing I said about Shpock – but the adverts are still annoying.

From picture-stalking and interior magazine searching I then decided I wanted different coloured matching Eames-style chairs to go with the table. And I only wanted 2 even though the table is more suited to 4 chairs. I thought the space and flow of the room was more important than completing the set so stuck with just 2 chairs and will need to buy some stools or something (or maybe a bench? :D) for when we have guests. The baby pink Eames chairs are the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen so I set upon finding one of them and one white or grey one. They range in price from £20 to £250 so read a few reviews and wanted to find decent quality because a few of them said the cheaper chairs wobble. It took a couple of weeks to get the right ones and I tried Shpock but couldn’t be sure of the colour because the pink one looked more like Barbie pink which would definitely not match my grey feature wall. Couple of weeks later and my lovely little pink and white chairs arrived with the help of Doddle and now look perfect in the corner of the room against the grey wall.

‘The chairs are packaged in small, manageable boxes’, oh right k


To decorate the table I sought inspiration from Instagram, my absolute favourite, and spoke to a few interior designers on there for their opinions. I wanted mainly white with touches of pastel pink and in true Scandinavian style, potted plants and green leaves everywhere. I also saw in a magazine that Ikea do pastel coloured kitchenware which is about the most exciting thing that had happened to me all week. So, of course, I bought a set of plates and bowls in pastel pink and now endeavour to get a set of gold cutlery to go with it. I then found a beautiful Yucca plant at a market in my town centre on my way home from the dentist to live in the middle of the table as the main bit of greenery and I got my plaited-trunk tree from Ikea in a pink vase (to match the plates – sheer joy).


Now that the majority of lounge furniture is done I’m working on smaller furnishings like pictures, tapestries, cushions and hanging fixtures. I will no doubt get bored of them in about a month so they will definitely move about as I change my mind. Also I’ve started work on the bedroom but have had a few fails so will talk about that next, as well as what I eventually decide to do with the spare room. Ideas would be hugely welcomed! I’d love to create a little desk area under the window but I’m not sure it’d get used.


2 thoughts on “The trickery of sourcing items

  1. Loving the blog! I realised we have Eames style chairs and dining table but had no idea that’s what they were called. Also grey feature walls. Great minds? 😋 only now the house is full of baby crap (IT IS SO HARD TO GET TASTEFUL BABY STUFF).
    What about some minimalist/industrial chic bookshelves as a feature for the spare room? Plenty of room for extra plants and quirky touches interspersed with interior design books x

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Yes, they’re everywhere atm, that’s actually one of the principles of the Scandinavian design; to be accessible for everyone, which is why so many people have Eames designs and Scandi kind of stuff. Ah I love baby stuff! But I love it from an aesthetic POV, no idea how you make useful things like changing mats attractive. Really like your industrial idea, I also love shelves. xx

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