Highs & lows of furniture assembly

Whilst dad was decorating the flat I used the opportunity to get a few things delivered there. We don’t have a porch so if we order something large like furniture, someone needs to be in to sign for it. My office is quite lenient with personal deliveries but I didn’t fancy dragging a Scandinavian TV stand home from work on the tube. So I ordered a few things like the nested coffee tables I found on Groupon for £50, a bed, a TV stand and a sofa. But not without high levels of drama beforehand. In our previous flat we wanted a new sofa so agreed with the landlords that if we got a new sofa they’d buy it from us when we moved out. When it came to it, they weren’t up for it and suddenly ‘paying for a second hand Ikea sofa’ was too much to ask. To say I was offended at the Ikea affront is an understatement because I love Ikea, but not only did they go against their word, it would mean we’d have to buy and build another sofa which is just not that fun even with help.

Luckily for us, a couple of days before moving the landlords’ new tenants kicked off about us taking the sofa (and the landlords replacing it with something gross) so the landlords said they’d transfer the money for the sofa immediately to avoid upsetting the new tenant. Great news! However then discovered that finding a new sofa to fit in the corner of the new flat was basically impossible. I looked for weeks, scouring websites for discount codes, asking people on Instagram where they’d recommend for a decent but inexpensive sofa and eventually found one on my old friend Groupon. It was half price at £500 which meant we only had to pay about £50 because of the money from the old sofa. I really like corner and art deco sofas but I also love evenings in and spending a lot of time on the sofa so it has to be comfy and cosy AF and I need to be able to put my feet up, read my book and reach my drink at the same time.

So the sofa worked well, I chose grey because it’s my favourite neutral colour and it matches the feature wall. Then the nested tables arrived and the curves of them looked great next to the sharp edges of the sofa contributing to the symmetry of the whole lounge which is something I’d tried to aim for.

Building a lamp in my pyjamas


Then came the TV stand which was a fun search because there are loads of Scandinavian stands online and because they’re thin and simple they’re often not that pricey. Ordered one weeks in advance but it could sadly only be delivered on a date after dad’s departure. However I wasn’t worried because I’ve built many a cupboard before with my trusty set of colourful screwdrivers and mini hammer. Turned out though that the stand was massive and heavy and came disassembled in a thousand parts. Started putting pieces together as instructed by the MAN in the pictures on the instructions (which equally bugged me and spurred me on to build it myself) and the wood split and started peeling away. Freaked out a bit but continued in the most logical way and made sure I was doing it right – which I definitely was – and almost all of the screw holes did the same thing. The parts literally didn’t fit together. I was already near melt down when I dropped a big piece of wood on my thumb and lost my shit altogether, threw the part back in the box and cried for a bit before calling the supplier and firmly requesting a refund. Funny thing was that they didn’t even argue with me so they’d most likely similar complaints before.

They organised to collect it for me which was great so I began again in my search for a TV stand and found a beautiful one from Very with adorable little drawers in the front, one of which was pastel pink, so I ordered it immediately. Tried to be clever by ordering it to be delivered at my parents’ house so dad could build it and then I’d collect it the following weekend… three days later it arrived at their house in Bristol ready-assembled – fml.

I had a bit more luck with the dining room table and chairs which I bought separately and they came together nicely in the end but it took a bit of planning and organising to get the design I wanted (Eames style) without paying hundreds. I’ll talk more about that and what I learned along the way (literally life skills) in my next post 🙂

Jam & Table
The coffee table & our little pal, Jammy, before she rolled her muddy toy all over the white rug

2 thoughts on “Highs & lows of furniture assembly

  1. I just want to say how much I am enjoying your blog, that furniture assembly instructions in particular and life in general should be gender neutral, and that people who have grey feature walls are the bee’s knees! 😀 (we now have a grey feature wall). Keep up the good work! xx

    1. Ah thanks for the comment Nigel! Grey feature walls are so good aren’t they; I’d have loved a black one but we’d signed a contract with the landlord to say we’d only use neutral colours, damnit! What have you decorated your grey wall with? I love picture ledges at the moment; I think they’re so tidy looking. x

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