Day 1

Oh hello! Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting 🙂

I’m going to keep my posts relatively short because I get bored reading long ones and think short and sweet posts are more fun.

For context, I’ve started this blog because I’ve recently decorated and furnished my new (rented) flat and learned a lot so thought it’d be nice to share about it because I couldn’t find any blogs online that weren’t MAKE IT YOURSELF WITH DYE AND NAILS or SPEND £900 ON A COFFEE TABLE so this blog is going to be how I kept all my activities and purchases somewhere in the middle of that. Also I rent my flat and found that the majority of decorating/furnishing blogs and pages I found were based on owning your own place and being able to hammer stuff all over the walls and have bright pink paint, which is of course not really doable if you want your deposit back at the end.

The story behind how my little interior design project came into fruition is a long and painful one, so I’ll break it down.

How we got the flat:

Me and my girlfriend previously lived in a beautiful, newly refurbished flat in the eaves of a big old Victorian house. It was one bed, one bath and a lounge/kitchen combined. The landlord was very particular about how they were decorated, which was good for us because she gave us a hand carved wooden Ralph Lauren bed with a bedhead from heaven. It was so grand and big which is great but for the size of the room, it just became the culprit for hundreds of stubbed toes and knees over the course of our 15 months there.

So all seemed well and we loved it despite the space issues. However there were problems that gradually got worse over our tenancy and eventually made us move out. The water pressure was poor and we often had no hot water or no water at all. So we started looking for other flats. This of course was not made easy by the large lettings agent in London that most London-dwellers will have heard of and most likely hate; they’re as expensive as they are unpopular. We ended up paying our way out of our contract, negotiating every day for weeks and desperately trying to avoid paying rent on two flats at the same time. It was a rubbish time and the stress drove my anxiety and IBS wild.

Our new flat was a bit of a fluke because the pictures of it were awful and I only booked the viewing out of desperation and trying to fit as many viewings in as quickly as possible. We viewed it on a dark winter’s evening which made everything look worse and it was really not a very pretty sight; the carpets were wavy, lifted and stained and the bedroom smelt like bin. But I am a big believer in the ability to make things nice with little effort and lots of love and I really liked how many windows it had, the location of it and how much cheaper it was than our current flat. So I started to imagine how we could make it nice and who we could ask to help.

I would have been happy to scrub, cillit bang, scrub some more and bleach the flat to make it nice but alas the other half was not so bought into that. So I spoke to my loyal old dad and he said he thinks we could redecorate the whole place for really quite cheap. So that’s what we did (and I’m talking CHEAP). In keeping with my promise of keeping posts short I’m going to stop here and will explain in my next post what we did first.


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